What I’ve Been Up to For the Past Six Months, Part 4: Censorious Couture at Silverwood Park

Nov 26th, 2013

As I make good on my vow to blog weekly, I’m bringing you ever-closer to the present…but still playing catch-up in terms of presenting past projects. And so, this week, I share with you Censorious Couture, an exciting project I completed at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN this fall.

Censorious Couture 01

When presented with the opportunity to exhibit at Silverwood, I was immediately excited. The gallery there is nothing like the typical white cube that I’m accustomed to. The space has a gorgeous vaulted wooden ceiling, and windows on all sides, creating an indoor/outdoor feel that I found captivating and refreshing. It seemed the perfect place to integrate my interests in invasive species into a large-scale work while playing off of the natural landscape in the background. I researched a list of invasives found in the park (see buckthorn below), and referenced some of them in the various shapes that comprise the sculptural work.


Another unique aspect of Silverwood is the wonderful diversity of the audience. Because it’s a gallery in a public park, the gallery-goers range from elementary school groups to runners venturing into the indoor space to get a drink of water to seasoned art lovers. And, I should mention, the art at Silverwood isn’t just indoors: A walk around the grounds of the park reveal amazing site-specific sculptures by an array of exciting artists.

Censorious Couture Install 01

I arrived at the Silverwood install pretty exhausted (you are probably noticing a theme here from my previous blog posts)! However, the setting proved completely meditative, a term that I really NEVER use to describe my install process. I felt calm and relaxed as sunlight filtered in through the windows and filled the gallery. Unlike most installs, which can take a minimum of three days, I installed this entire work in one day…with the help of a few great assistants, and the very helpful Silverwood Staff!

Censorious Couture Install 02

Censorious Couture Install 03

It was, quite honestly, my least planned install of the fall…but something fortuitous happened in that space. The ceiling provided the perfect structure to work off of, and before I knew it…I had created something that kind of blew my mind. And trust me, I don’t blow my own mind very often. Those that know me well know that it’s mostly a constant stream of self-criticism after each project :)

Censorious Couture 02

As you’ll see next week, Silverwood was a really wonderful calm before the craziness of my first large-scale outdoor public project in Grand Rapids, MI.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving!!!





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